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Vitrex Alcohol Swabs

Vitrex Alcohol swabs are an easy and convenient way to cleanse the skin and help fight bacteria at the site of application. Use as an antiseptic skin cleanser before injections and blood sampling.

The size of the Disinfection Wipe is 30×60 mm. Each Alcohol Swab is individually sealed and disposable for convenience and safety.

PE over sleeves


Hand-sealed polythene over sleeves.
 Widely used in the food industry.
 Available in white, blue, red, green and yellow.

Disposable Gloves - GN91


Manufactured from: Specially formulated nitrile butadiene polymer
Latex free:
Low in residual chemicals: 
Flexible material: 
Food Contact: 
Powder free: 
Textured finish: 

Measures & Pots



Disposable Aprons


Light duty polythene apronswhich provide a high level of protection and hygiene acrossmany industries. Packed in perforated rolls for easy dispensing. Integrated head hole and waist band ensure a secure fit.

Sanitizing hand wipes


A blue disposable wet wipe impregnated with a biocidal
 formulation, effective against most bacteria, fungi and viruses.
 Used in medical and food environments to
prevent microbiological contamination. 
A soft but strong wipe which doesn’t irritate hands
but leaves them clean and disinfected.
 Dermatologically tested.

CPE non-woven overshoes (16 inch)


Non-woven upper with a deeply embossed
 CPE sole for non-slip use.
 Widely used in the food industry.
 Available in white, blue and white/blue.

Alcohol surface wipes


A white disposable wet wipe impregnated with a 70% isopropyl
 alcohol solution which kills 99% of bacteria on contact.
 Used in clean environments for surface disinfection.

A soft but strong wipe which doesn’t damage 
surfaces but leaves them clean and disinfected.
 Biocide free to be used on sensitive areas (e.g. food preparation)

Natural Latex Powder Free Disposable Glove


Manufactured from: Natural rubber latex.
 Flexible material: For improved feel and fit reducing fatigue during extended wear

Chlorinated: To reduce latex protein content
Food. Contact: Tested in accordance with European
standard EN1186 making it suitable for food contact
. Powder free: Reduces the risk of dust contamination. 
Textured finish: For improved grip

Medical Consumables and Disposables



Soft elasticated head cover with double stitch
 for added strength and support.
 Widely used in the food industry, made of non-woven 
polypropylene with a detectable metal strip.
Available in blue only. One size fits all.