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Zoellner Suction Fine Ends

Zoellner fine ends are connected to the open end of standard aural suction tubes in order to: Reduce the overall diameter of the suction device Improve vision and access for the clinician Increase the localised suction pressure

Laser Resistant Bite-Guard

A blue biteguard that has been tested and found safe for use with Erbium Yag laser (Infra Red) light at 2.94 microns.

Silicone Sheet Surgical

A short-term dressing manufactured from high-quality silicone. Used in intra-abdominal procedures requiring re-operating at intervals. A practical application for the known properties of silicone sheeting.


Single patient tourniquet for
difficult to reach veins, with unique
suction and pump mechanism to
aid further filling of the veins and
increase the success rate of first
attempt in venous access

Silicone Nasal Splints

A harp-shaped moulding, manufactured from blue, radio-opaque silicone. The design incorporates a hole for fixation by suture or ribbon gauz

Nasal Septal Button

Bite Guards

The Medasil Bite Guard is a flexible, durable, preformed device manufactured from high quality, cured silicone elastomer, moulded to protect the teeth and other tissues from damage due to accidental impact and trauma.

Silicone Stoma Buttons

Manufactured from high-quality silicone, flesh coloured and radio-opaque. Similar in design to the Helsper Button, but having a radius on all edges, the outer diameter being entirely smooth.

Laserguard Ocular Range

A range of laser resistant ocular contact shields for use in periorbital dermatological and cosmetic laser treatments.

Tympanostomy Tubes (grommets)

Medasil Tympanostomy Tubes are available in a range of well-established designs to accommodate clinical preference and requirements and are manufactured from high quality fluoroplastic or silicone elastomer.

Guedel Airways

A single-use oropharyngeal airway, manufactured from LLDPE (LINEAR LOW-DENSITY POLYETHYLENE) to the highest British Specifications conforming to: B.S. EN ISO 5364-2011. Design incorporates a colour coded bite block for ease of selection of colour coded catheters.

All Silicone Two-Way Foley Catheter

The Medasil Two-Way Foley catheter is manufactured entirely from high-quality silicone elastomer and benefits from the established key properties of the material.

Ribbon Drain

Manufactured from high-quality silicone. The ribbon drain is a thin, flat silicone elastomer strip intended for post-operative drainage.

Reservoirs (Evacuators)

Two sizes of Silicone Reservoirs (otherwise known as Evacuators or Bulbs) are available:
    100 ml/cc & 400 ml/cc
These articles are supplied in several configurations

Perforated Tube Drains

A high-quality silicone drain, with a non-wetting lumen, designed for use where sustained constant drainage is essential.

Multitubular Drains

A high-quality silicone drain with non-wetting multiple lumens, designed for use where sustained constant drainage is essential, permitting tubular and strip drainage. Tubes can be separated, producing a tree-shaped multi-drain.

Silicone Tubing

Silicone Tubing is a durable, flexible, seamless and transparent presentation of a high-quality, cured silicone elastomer, extruded into a tubular structure, with a range of combinations of internal and external diameters to accommodate the diverse requirements of Healthcare Professionals.

Perforated Drains (round & flat)

<p>The Flat Perforated Drain comes in 2 versions: white, radiopaque profile with clear tube, or clear profile with blue x-ray line and clear tube. Available in sizes 4mm, 7mm & 10mm.
The Round Perforated Drain ("1250 Range") is clear with a blue x-ray line, comprises end-perforation, has a length of 1250mm and is available in 4 sizes: 7FR, 10FR, 15FR & 19FR.</p>

Mini Vac

Set Contents:

<li>    50ml Evacuator</li>
<li>    Trocar Needle (in needle sets only)</li>
<li>    Round PVC Drain</li>

Medasil Nerve Vessel Loops

Medasil Nerve Vessel Loops are designed to provide flexible, semi-elastic, retraction for soft and delicate tissues including blood vessels, nerves and tendons, in order that these structures can be temporarily repositioned during a surgical procedure, thereby enabling improved visibilty and access to underlying anatomical features.
Individual silicone loops can also be used to occlude vessels, nerves and tendons and to “colour code” such structures to assist identification and training in a teachng environment.

Silicone Atraumatic Forceps Sleeves

Extruded from high-quality silicone, a half-moon shaped, a ribbed tube which conforms to forceps sleeves.
Availabe various sizes and colours

Silicone Clamp Cover

Extruded from high-quality silicone as a half moon shaped tube which conforms to the Crawford clamp.

Sharps Disposal Pads

Medasil Sharps Disposal Pads consist of a flat substrate layer measuring 150mm x 120mm, with integral perforated lines to assist safe and accurate folding and closure at the end of the procedure.

The base of the pad is coated with a 4mm layer of foam, coloured pale yellow to provide a good visual background, and half of the foam area also has a strong adhesive coating, initially protected by a transparent cover film.

Boyle Davis Gag Cover

The Gag Cover provides a durable, flexible cushion, manufactured from high-quality, cured silicone elastomer, to protect the teeth, caps and crowns of the patient from accidental damage or trauma when a Boyle Davis mouth gag is utilised for oral surgical procedures.

Aural Suction

The Medasil disposable Suction Tube is based on the established Zoellner design and provides a lightweight and effective suction control for use primarily in ENT surgery.