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Libra Lever Catheter Valve

With its easy to use opening and closing system, the Libra Lever Catheter Valve provides  patients with a secure, more comfortable and discreet alternative to a Drainage Bag.

Night Stands

It is important to use a Night Stand for effective overnight drainage.

Great Bear Bed Hanger

The Great Bear Bed Hanger is designed to hang Night Drainage Bags from a bed frame.

Key Features:

  • Universal Design – can be used with any brand of Night Bag
  • Cost Effective
  • Discreet in size and design

Libra Leg Bag Straps & Holders

There are two main ways to support the weight of your Libra Leg Bag-Libra Leg Bag Straps or the Libra Leg Bag Holder.

Libra Leg Bag Straps secure a Leg Bag to the leg. A Velcro-style fastening allows the strap and the Leg Bag to be held in place.

Paediatric Leg Bags

Having to use a Urinary Drainage Bag can be an overwhelming and daunting experience – least of all when you are young.

Night Bags_ Reusable

Unlike the single use options, the GB4, GB4 Fold Up and GB6 can be reused over a period of five to seven days. The GB4, GB4 Fold Up and GB6 can be connected directly to a Sheath or an
Indwelling Catheter and can be used for a period of 5-7 days. Do not reconnect a
Night Bag or GB4 Fold Up after disconnecting from the Catheter.

Key Features
  • Sterile, Drainable Night Bags with our easy to use lever action tap.

  • 2 litre and 3 litre capacities available.

  • Flexible, wide bore tubing for easy drainage.

  • Date Fitted Boxfor easy monitoring of how long the Night Bag has been in use.

  • 4 punched out hanger holes to allow positioning on a night stand.

  • The tap on the GB4 Fold Up can be folded up to prevent prolonged contact
with potentially contaminated surfaces.

  • A universal design can be used with any brand of Leg Bag.

Night Bags (Single Use)

Our Night Drainage Bags can be connected to a Leg Bag to allow overnight drainage. The single- use design means that, once emptied, they can be disposed of for ease and convenience.

Key Features
  • Drainable and Non- Drainable options available
  • Choice of 2-litre and 3-litre capacities
  • Choose between sterile and non-sterile designs
  • Punched-out hanger holes to allow positioning on a Night Stand
  • Tear-open strip on the GB2 and Single- Use T-Tap on the GB3, GB3S and GB5 to allow for quick, easy emptying
  • Tamper Proof – Our single-use Night Bag range cannot be reused after emptying
  • A safety clip on the GB3, GB3S and GB5 prevent the tap from being accidently activated prior to emptying

Libra Leg Bag

Utilising high quality materials with a user friendly
design, the Libra Leg Bag provides total peace of
mind for users and carers alike.
With a comprehensive range of sizes and tube
lengths, we are confident that there will be a
Libra Leg Bag to suit all needs.

Key Features:

  • Needle free sample port for easy, safe sampling
  • Ridged connector for a secure fitting to a catheter or sheath
  • Non-return valve reduces the risk of ascending infections
  • Date fitted box for easy monitoring of how long the Libra Leg Bag has been in use
  • Smooth fabric backing for a comfortable fit
  • 180° lever action tap is simple to operate and secure
  • Kink resistant silicone tubing for easy overnight drainage

Foley Catheters

All Silicone Two-Way Foley Catheter

Item No. 5445-1

The Medasil Two-Way Foley catheter is manufactured entirely from high-quality silicone elastomer and benefits from the established key properties of the material.

The all-silicone construction enhances patients comfort, allows longer intervals between catheter changes, maintains a patent lumen and efficient urine drainage, and eliminates balloon delamination and the associated encrustation of the debris fragments that can accumulate within the bladder.

Each catheter is presented sterile and double wrapped, with the inner packaging comprising an open-ended, perforated and textured sheath, designed to maintain optimum aseptic technique and improve tactile feedback for the HCP during the catheterisation procedure.